Hi Alliance

Hawaiian Inheritance Alliance

Racist "Blood Quantum" divisions are imposed on Hawaiian inheritance.
Inheriting from "one-quarter" (one grandparent) is natural everywhere !
Hawaiians inherit Our islands by Right, via Family Descent.

Native Hawaiians combining to seek relief is not "racial discrimination" or "based solely upon race!" any more than if a family combines to seek justice.
Yes, the family share a racial dimension, but that's not license to steal from them!

Hawaiian inheritance is not reparation, nor an entitlement program.
Hawaiian inheritance does not infringe equal opportunity of others.
American families such as Rockefeller, Bush or Kennedy inherit smoothly & maintain valuable tracts of land - the Hawaiian family deserves no less.

International treaties require this legal warning about Hawaii.
Vendors failing to provide proper notice may be held liable for investor losses :

"People coming to buy land in Hawaii are forewarned: land title is clouded by the violent takeover of the Hawaiian Kingdom and systematic marginalization of the Hawaiian people & their culture through colonization, displacement, resettlement, and illegal US military occupation."

Key Fact: We Hawaiians must protect ourselves.
The U.S. Supreme Court (link) does not protect Hawaiian interests.

Be assured - the Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian people) will not fade away !

Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace (link) -- pamphlet detailing racist suppression of Hawaiians

We of Hi Alliance believe proper recognition of the Hawaiian people & descendants involves land rights stretching back many generations. Clarifying the rights of Native Hawaiian people to inheritance protects Hawaiian rights to common lands. Practically, this means that each person descended from native Hawaiians inherits common use of their legacy; each may also inherit a portion of revenues, perhaps as an annuity.

Hawaiian inheritance is not a reparation, nor an entitlement program, nor does it infringe on "equal opportunity" for other residents. Hawaiians naturally inherit cultural legacy and common treasures, land, sea & air. But we've legally-recognized inheritance and property rights also, under well-established legal precedent. Hawaiians legally have inherited lands and trust funds which others now seek to pilfer. People elsewhere know little of this, or merely watch; we must act! Teach the world of Hawaii's calm confidence. We are more than a garrison state disabled by toxic military bases. Let Hawaiian beauty bloom!

American families typically inherit smoothly without property confiscation. We're challenged in Hawaii because our islands are valuable. Even where clear legal title passed from one generation to another, outsiders now seek to dispossess the beneficiaries. Factionalism in Hawaii is fueled as a tool for control.

For example, who is a Rockefeller? Wealthy industrialist John D. Rockefeller married Cettie Spellman, outside his blood family, so by "blood quantum" their children were at most half Rockefeller (using father as basis). Grandchild Nelson Rockefeller, former Vice-President of the USA, thus had 25% Rockefeller blood quantum. Great-grandchildren (including West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller & the late Arkansas Lt. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller) have a bloodline one-eighth Rockefeller. For such Americans, this doesn't interfere at all with inheritance of wealth, property or family pride, limit where they live or who they might marry. But the present systems of the USA and State of Hawaii abuse people of Hawaiian ancestry.

In Hawaii, the Washington-led government has sought to divide the Hawaiian community with "blood quantum" arguments. The US federal Hawaiian Homestead administration is wrong in dispossessing most mixed-race people. This U.S. imposed system is bad policy that unfairly penalizes Hawaiian people. Hawaiian heritage should be secured for future generations regardless of whoever or not native Hawaiians marry. Hawaii is traditionally liberal & inclusive with family ties; such personal choice must not preclude inheritance.

Continued suppression of Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian inheritance is unjust and unsustainable. Programs for Hawaiian people are a proper inheritance; any exclusivity to this inheritance is common to inheritance generally, and is not ethnic bias, discrimination, or "racism" - indeed, most Hawaiian people are themselves multiracial, and have multiethnic families. Sorry to those who are not Native Hawaiian (and sorry if you're not received Rockefeller, Bush, or Kennedy wealth). We of HI Alliance wish to maintain peaceful & neighborly relations among all segments of society: among people born in Hawaii, visitors, and more recent settlers. We cultivate & share the spirit of aloha that made Hawaii globally famous. We seek to stem the diaspora of Hawaiian youth, who often cannot afford decent living in the lands of their forefathers. We yearn to make the lives of our elders more comfortable. We work to rebuild the sense of community fundamentally damaged by broken trust in antagonistic Territorial & State administrations. Let's build a new foundation of goodwill and legal justice for our dynamic existing community and for future generations.

Hawaii can't afford continued inaction. Our tourist-focused economy depends greatly on harmony.
Gross injustice for Hawaii's indigenous people can no longer quietly be contained & suppressed.

Could Hawaii's future require the following disclaimer & warning?
Due Diligence for Investors:
Those seeking capital gains from purchasing Hawaiian property should note the substantial risk of investment loss. Even minor community disquiet could quickly lead to a very abrupt drop in real estate values & sudden lack of investment liquidity.   Help discourage non-resident land speculation in Hawai'i.

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